Achievements in Humanitarian Service

The American Foundation for African Children's Education works directly with local African organizations to provide a suitable learning environment for underprivileged children. We do this by rehabilitating existing schools.

School supplies are integral tools to a child's education. AFACE supports primary schools in underprivileged African communities by contributing various materials to enhance the classroom experience for children.

All supplies AFACE donates to primary schools are funded by the contributions we receive from our donors. Moreover, all donations are used solely towards projects for underprivileged children's educational betterment.

Education is one of the most powerful tools to not only reduce poverty and inequality, but also lay a foundation for economic growth.

Many children in Africa get some form of schooling, but a large number of them do not complete their education because some families cannot afford to continue sending their children to school and paying for basic school supplies.

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Africa has the lowest primary education completion ratio in the world. In fact, about 62% of African students complete primary education, in comparison to 94% in North America, 90% in Europe, and 88% in Asia.

Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York

Thomas Brigandi recruited over 100 Macaulay alumni professionals to mentor hundreds of students, while also personally mentoring over 500 undergraduate students himself. Not only is Brigandi the founder and lead organizer of the Macaulay mentoring program for finance and accounting, but also he is the founder of the following mentoring focus groups: Media/Marketing/Advertising, Government Policy, Education, Law, Administration, and Technology.

Macaulay Honors College Foundation Board Director
Macaulay Honors College Foundation Treasurer of the Board of Directors

The Board was deeply impressed by your exceptional commitment to Macaulay both as one of the College’s most generous alumni donors, and through your leadership in establishing a robust mentoring channel for recent graduates and current students. At Moody’s and with the CFA Society New York, you have demonstrated a level of professional success well beyond your years and built a vast network that you have already deployed in service to the College.

William E. Macaulay, Chairman, Macaulay Honors College Foundation Board
Annual Careers in Finance, Economics, and Accounting Summit at College of Staten Island

In addition to individual and group mentoring sessions, Thomas Brigandi frequently addresses large audiences of students about the nuts and bolts of networking effectively. Over the years, he has presented to thousands of City University of New York students, with his largest annual lecture taking place at the College of Staten Island in front of 300 business students.

Testimonials from Thomas Brigandi's Undergraduate Mentees

I am currently a senior in the Macaulay Honors program and Thomas has mentored me since my freshman year. He is proactive about choosing his mentees. Thomas is extremely energetic and gives great advice. He emphasizes the importance of networking and really embodies his advice, which you cannot say for just anybody. Thomas sets an example through his work ethic in both his professional career and his personal pursuits. Thomas really cares about the Macaulay community and its scholars. I have really benefited from his expertise and am inspired to continue the legacy by mentoring younger students. One particular example that sticks out to me is when Thomas stayed on the phone with me for an hour one evening because I needed advice on my internship. Thomas has always been there when I needed him, guiding me through important life decisions and he is responsive and ready to help.

Aleksandra (Ally) Mikhaylova, Began Career as Analyst at Goldman Sachs; Macaulay Class of 2016

I expressed my interest in investment banking and Thomas started helping me right away. He told me what books I should read, who I should reach out to in Baruch, and he connected me with bankers. Not only did Thomas help me expand my knowledge and network, but he is also an incredible support system. He checked in with me throughout my spring semester and during my summer internship. He always conveyed his support for me, even when I decided to switch my interest to sales and trading. Thomas has a passion for helping students succeed and he has the power to help them.

Semona Skvirsky, Began Career as Sales & Trading Analyst, BMO Capital Markets; Macaulay Class of 2017
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